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Hi Leon,

I spent a week at Adair's Wilderness Lodge in New Brunswick. You sent me some special clothing cover spray and I used your Ultimate Advantage products. My fourth night I had a 400+ come in from behind and shove my stand a few times to see if any one was there. I never got a shot at him. An hour later a big boar around 375 came in I shot
him too far forward and missed the vitals. We tracked him for five miles until we were convinced he was fine. The last night I had a beautiful all black boar come in he was at 18 yards for 20 minutes until he gave me a shot. He had no idea I was there and trotted off after I hit him. He was down in 50 yards. He weighed 262 lbs. I am convinced your products helped in my success. Thank you for such quality.

Kevin Nolan, Staff shooter for Reedy's Archery, Middleboro, MA

BearsCharles A Maine bear

The black bear, grizzle and brown bear are among the most highly prized big game animals.

The black bear (Euractos Americanus) is the most numerous of the group and the most widely distributed. Black bears range includes all the wooded portions of Canada and Alaska as well as large areas in the continental United States.

The grizzly bear (also nicknamed silvertip for the silver tipped guard hairs that run along their spine) inhabit the most remote and inaccessible country in North America, extending from northern Mexico to the Arctic Circle. Thinly spread the bulk of grizzly population is in Alaska and British Columbia.

The grizzlies close cousin the brown bear(Genus Ursus) inhabit the coastal areas of southern Alaska. The Alaskan brown bear has for decades been considered North Americas largest carnivore and a separate species of the grizzly bear.

Brown bear may attain a weight of 1500 pounds, where the grizzly may attain weights up to 700 pounds as for the black bear nominal weights are from 250 to 450 pounds.

Bears hibernate in winter, during hibernation sows give birth to their cubs, twins are common triplets not unusual.

Bears leave their dens in early spring, they live on a diet of grass shoots and similar vegetation until their alimentary canals are conditioned for meat.

During the summer months Bears move widely in search of food –rodents, carrion, acorns, wild fruits and berries.


Mt View 21-530 lb BeatHunting Bear:

A highly successful way to hunt bears is over a bait or with dogs. Since bear habitat includes other big game the chance of bagging a bear while on a hunt for other species is always good.


Cartridges for Bear:

  • Black bear; 264 Win Mag, 270Win, 7 MM Mag, 308 Win, 30-06, 358 Win, 44 Mag, 454 Casual.
  • Grizzly & brown bear; 300 H&H Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby Mag, 338 Win Mag 375 H&H Mag.


Bow & Equipment:

Any bow, arrow, broadhead combination with a draw weight of 60 to 80 pounds is sufficient to take big game, an arrow/broadhead kills by hemorrhage, not by shock and tissue destruction as does a bullet, for this reason the arrow/broadhead must pass through a vital area or the bear is apt to escape wounded.


Products for bear hunters:

  • Bear Essentials
  • Bear Food Blend
  • Bear Nip
  • Spring Bear Mature Sow Rutting Urine

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