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Pro Staffer; Bob Huisman with 11Pt Trophy Whitetail.

Dear Leon;

Thanks to your outstanding line of products I was able to take this nice 11-point buck along with an 8 pointer earlier in the season with my bow in Illinois. This season I used your complete line of products while hunting both bow and slug seasons. Your superior line of scent elimination, cover scents, and top-notch pure urines were key in my successful hunts.

The buck I shot came in chasing 3 does and tried to breed one of the does but she would not stand. He chased her further and then caught wind of your High Octane estrus urine I had put out. This stopped him in his tracks. He was looking for the doe in heat. The 3 does and 1 other buck kept moving out of shooting distance but the big buck was locked up allowing me time for a clean shot.

With out your complete system this successful hunt would not have been possible.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Bob Huisman   November 23, 2004---- Illinois

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