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Leon CirulnickPresidents Note 
Leon Cirulnick, Owner

Dear Sportsman:

All sportsmen know getting close to wildlife is the number one priority, it doesn't matter what type of  equipment they have, the single most important tool in their possible bag should be quality scent elimination products.

My name is Leon Cirulnick, I created The ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE product line with one specific purpose in mind to offer Hunters and Wildlife Photographers the ability to get closer to their game or their subject.

Living up to my distinction as the world's foremost Manufacturer of Human Scent Elimination and Cover scent Products isn't easy. That title implies a lot about the quality of my products.

 I designed the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE Human Scent Elimination Program in 1990 because so many of my  customers are just like me. I take my outdoor adventures seriously.

All of The ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE products are developed and tested by my fully experienced technical staff who are themselves hunters, with our knowledge of the human anatomy, wildlife and the outdoors I can guaranty my customers that my products are of excellent quality are completely safe and are free of any scent that wild game finds objectionable.

All the products featured in The ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE Human Scent Elimination Product  Line have a 10-year shelf life and of course a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My commitment to developing the finest products for my customers has been, and will continue to be, my highest priority.

Our Human Scent Elimination products are gentle and basic, yet powerful enough to control human scent for long periods, up to 24 hours, even during strenuous exercise.

Thank you for choosing BUCKS-N-DOES H.S.E., Inc.

Our Own Field Tests

Did you know that Native American Indians meat fasted for two weeks to cleanse their systems of any predator scent prior to a big hunt.

Extensive research into whether the scent of predatory animals is more offensive than the scent of vegetarian animals has been conducted. One study conducted on several deer herds during the off hunting season concluded that deer traveled trails more frequently that did not have any red meat feed, human, coyote, or fox urine scent on it, and almost completely avoided trails tainted with such smells.

After reading the study, it was decided that we needed to conduct a test of our own. Together with some of our hunting consultants, we split into two groups. Team No. 1 were meat eaters ,Team No. 2 were vegetarians.

Team No. 1 ate their regular diets; Team No. 2 fasted and ate no meat products. Neither team used any scent or scent free products. After a 5-day study, we concluded that Team No. 2 had seen more game.

In the next test, both teams used the Ultimate Scent Elimination Program while maintaining their diets. Both teams reported numerous sightings, with Team No. 2 having herds approach and feed without getting spooked. Team No. 1 reported 65 percent higher sightings than in their previous tests, and while using our products.

Our tests concluded there is no need to follow in the foot steps of our native ancestors. Just follow practical and ethical measures of scent control


Our Guarantee is very simple, if you are not satisfied with our products, simply return the unused portion and we will refund your money. It's that simple!

All the photos featured on this website are customers who have used our products successfully and we would like to thank them all for their contribution to this website. Please feel free to call our toll free number with questions about our products, or send an email.

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