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"Wapiti" The American ElkLeon Colorado Trophy Elk

Elk habitat lies coincident with the Rocky Mountains in a long strip of country ranging from North Western Canada- British Columbia to the near Mexico, New Mexico border.  Though once abundant throughout most of North America a small herd still remains in the western Pennsylvania Mountains. States having the greatest elk populations are Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

The Elk is a regal game animal that varies in size large cow elk weigh from 500-600 pounds with mature bulls reaching 1000 pounds.  Bulls stand five feet at the withers appearing even taller because of their massive antlers.

In the fall the bulls remove velvet from their massive antlers with the advent of the rut or mating season.  In September to mid October, the bulls begin bugling (the bull elks mating call is a majestic piercing bugle, and one of the most thrilling sound in all the wilderness) thus challenging the mature herd bulls in the area for dominance and breeding status.


Mike Burns ElkHunting Elk:

The three ways of hunting elk are bugling, stalking and drift hunting.  Bugling for bulls is the most thrilling.

Cartridges for Elk:

An elk is tough.  A trophy bull especially, is hard to put down and make stay down.

The ideal elk cartridge should be at least .30 caliber, for heavy timber 308, 30-06, 338 Win Mag, and in the open plains, the 300 Win Mag or the popular flat shooting 7mm Mag is a good choice.


Bow Equipment:

Any bow, arrow, broadhead combination with a draw weight of 60-80 pounds is sufficient to take big game.  An arrow kills by hemorrhage, not by shock and tissue destruction as does a bullet.  For this reason, the arrow/broadhead must pass in through a vital area or the elk is apt to escape wounded.


Products for Elk Hunters:

  • Elk Essentials
  • Elk Food Blend
  • Autumn Elk-- Dominant Cow Rutting Urine
  • Autumn Bull-- Elk Urine

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