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Do I need Scent Elimination Products?

The first step in answering this question is to look at our anatomy and how it functions. Our body is covered with millions of cells called sebaceous and sudoriferous glands. These are the organs by which a large portion of the aqueous and gaseous materials is excreted by the skin. These cells function as sweat glands, which cool the body during moderate to heavy exercise. Bacteria and fungus thrive in moist environments. The growth of bacteria and fungus cause body odor. Bucks-N-Does Ultimate Advantage Human Scent Elimination products are designed to address the complete spectrum of scent control. We've got you covered from head to toe, internally and externally.

Charcoal Based Suits

Charcoal based suits have flooded the market recently, but lets discuss their importance. Yes, they work, but lets analyze their mechanics. Charcoal is a concentrated absorbing compound, a magnet for odors. Body odors, as any other odors that charcoal comes in contact with, is absorbed and locked into its fibers. Therefore, you become a wick for these unnatural scents and disburse them while in the field. To activate the garments, the manufacturer says you must put them in your dryer, but if you have ever used fabric softener sheets in your dryer, that is exactly how your charcoal suit will smell.

The Animals We Hunt

Some hunters underestimate the ability big and small game animals have in scenting unnatural odors for long distances. With the right wind currents, your quarry could smell you up to 600 yards or more.

    Tips for better scent Elimination

    No Smoking or do not enter a smoke filled room, particularly with a charcoal suit on

    Hang all your hunting clothes out on a line.

    Brush teeth with a baking soda toothpaste.

    Beware of cooking smells, particularly bacon.

    Don't use heavy scented gun or bow lubricants.

    When hunting sponge down your boots daily, or purchase a pair of rubber bottom pack boots.

    Pack your hunting clothes before and after your day afield in unscented plastic bags.

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The Myth About Herbs

"Beware of garlic, onions, and herb spices.
Do not allow these scents to foil your hunt"
Hogwash!, all of these scents grow wild in forests and do not alarm wildlife. But when mixed with human scent molecules, which our body omits after ingesting these foods, a higher concentration of human scent is exhibited. So if you use a good human scent elimination product, you should be able to enjoy the tasty food we all love.

This could be You!

Still Have Questions?

Feel Free to send a note with your question about scent facts and the Elimination of Human scent.  We will be sure to get you the answer right away. leon@bucksndoes.com

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What is the Ultimate Advantage Scent Elimination Product Line?

The Ultimate Advantage Scent Elimination products, so unique in their design, eliminate human scent biologically down to the molecular level without harmful or toxic antimicrobial ingredients. It is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients, natural chlorophyll derived from organic alfalfa, pure crystallized bicarbonate of soda, and salts from pure mineral springs. All our products are made with triple filtered water and the purest basic hypoallergenic unscented lathering agents that contain no UV brighteners, rancid oils, or talcs to spook game.

Cover Scents

Most hunters try to cover their scent with cover scents. The fact is that wildlife can determine the distance of an object from the strength of the molecule it senses. If the cover scent you are wearing is too powerful and not natural, up to 500 yards away, your quarry may think you're much closer then you actually are, and he's out of there fast! The most asked questions about the use of traditional cover scents are: How much should I use? When is too much too much? Is the cover scent I'm using a natural smell in my area? The answers to these questions are, at best, an educated guess

Our Cover Scents Are Natural!

Our New Spring-N-Autumn Cover Scents take the guess work out of using cover scents. The Spring-N-Autumn Clothing Spray Cover Scents incorporate a light scent, which duplicates the natural smells found in forests without an overpowering scent which would alarm wildlife. With five natural blends to choose from; Forest, Alpine, Cedar, Hemlock and Spruce, our cover scents will eliminate human scent while leaving you indistinguishable from the forest's natural surroundings.

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