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Frank Medicine Wolf Springer -
Bucks-N-Does Field Tester


I wanted you to have this photograph of the 2000 pound+ bull I took with my bow this last winter. These huge beasts have one of the finest scent detecting systems I have ever come up against, and by using your Human Scent Eliminator products I was able to stalk undetected to within 31 yards and kill this American Buffalo with a single well placed arrow. Of the dozens of free roaming big game animals I have taken in North America with my bow, he was the most magnificent animal I have ever hunted. It was a memorable hunt with a very successful ending- which may not have been possible if the beast had been able to catch my scent. Your products worked once again- PERFECTLY.

Most humbly:
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer


Bucks-n-Does HSE (Human Scent Eliminator)

 We have field-tested these products for two seasons now, and they are still only slowly moving into the western hunting market.   But, WesternHunter.com staff have found them to be across-the-board winners. With  a full line of more than 40 scent and scent elimination products,  Bucks-n-Does HSE has been a secret kept too long. Their Bear and Elk scent  programs performed beyond expectation. And their recently offered Mule Deer  tarsal and estrus scents made the killing of large blacktails an easy  reality during the rut season. Even after leaving a rattling setup where it  was chosen not to kill the deer, a re-check of the latter showed the ground  was torn to bits around each scent site by deer after deer which continued  to be drawn into the area. Most impressive!



Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

Here is a photo of my 2004 fall bear. Thanks for keeping me out of the woods-- At least 'scent wise'!

Most humbly:
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer

Leon- This is simply a very positive result of the High-Octane Doe scent on Western Blacktail rutting bucks. I used the scent in a temperature generated drip system, which caused a regulated issuance of the attraction scent consistently during the huntable hours of the morning. It was this "teasing" that caused bucks to investigate the area frequently. This buck came nose-in to the scent and stayed around for more than enough time to investigate the intricate nuances of the "doe". The draw of the scent had brought the buck, and it kept him there long enough to assure my hunt was a success. Thanks again for producing a tag -cutting product. 

I am most humbly yours;
Frank Medicine Wolf Springer


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