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Jan Perry "Lady Bowhunter" -
Bucks-N-Does Field Testers

Thank you for the Bear & Whitetail Essential products. I used the Whitetail Program while hunting in Texas and am pleased to say your products and shampoo worked very well. Although I had previously washed all clothing in an unscented soap, including my towels and sealed them in plastic I did spray them with the clothing scent spray and used the Body Deodorant Spray in conjunction with the deodorant crystal. I also sprayed the ground blind and am pleased to say, I did not experience game spooking when they came into my tree stand or ground blind! I had the opportunity to observe a wide variety of wildlife for extended periods of time due to the lack of human scent.

I am enclosing pictures of a boar I shot at 10 yards and a Buffalo at 25 yards! I am confident the Whitetail Essential Program played a major role in my ability to stalk within close range of these animals. I am extremely pleased with the results and look forward to trying the "Bear Essentials Program" next week.

Thank you for a fine line of products. Sincerely, Jan Perry "Lady Bowhunter"

Leon! A challenge for your clothes wash and you won! I had wrapped my bear skin in my camo blanket & it wreaked! It was washed 3 times in camo soap, baking soda and everything else I could come up with & it still smelled. I just washed it in Spring & Autumn & the smell is gone!!! I AM IMPRESSED!


Lady Bowhunter November 1, 2003

Dear Leon;

I am really excited about your products after the fantastic success experience by myself and hunting partner Doug.

I am enclosing photos of two really nice hogs we took simultaneously this past Feburary 2004 in California.

I have been using Bucks-n-Does products exclusively on clothing and body so when we arrived at our hunting area we both used the "Cedar" spray before going into the woods.

Following a pig trail from an obvious feeding area we worked our way deep into the heavy timber. The wind was light, but swirling frequently so keeping the wind in our face was difficult at times. We spotted three hogs bedded down about 100 yards in front and 60 yards bellow us. Pulling my bottle of spray from my pack I gave us each a quick freshen up. We managed to close the gap to 20 yards and with out even planning for both to take a shot we came to full draw as soon as I heard Doug release I followed suit.

All three Hogs jumped up with one bailing off the side and the two sporting arrows ran in circles and dropped within a few yards of their bed! Both hogs weighed approximately 150# each with mine having 1 1/2" tusks.

I am confident without your excellent products the odds of two hunters simultaneously closing in on wild hogs would have been just a dream but as you can see, Bucks-n-Does made a dream reality! Thank You.

Hi Leon! Busy, busy, busy........... Received products just in time for ND. I actually have the shower head on loan to a guide that has a serious smelly water problem! Last word was it was definitely an improvement!! He will be sending it back to me so I can take it to other places to try. Should have just brought it home with me as the camp in OR had sulphur water!! ULK! Deer have been eluding me big time---ND & OR, but still have Wisconsin and a little more time here in CA. I did get a nice Elk though!  7 x 7.  Your Elk Essential Program worked great, I Managed to stalk within 42 yards! That was a feat in itself with numerous eyes on alert!   Anyway, will try the Bear Fruit attractants soon and let you know how they work. Take care & talk to you soon.

  Jan Perry "Lady Bowhunter" ------- 7x7 Trophy Elk Oregon  October 2004

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