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Major JP Silverstein Bucks-N-Does Field Tester


I may have missed an entire season because of a one year sunny vacation in Iraq but I have come back to enjoy a once in a lifetime deer.

I owe this 19-point 280lb monster to patience, scent elimination and most importantly your new High Octane Scent. This bruiser was down wind of me and clearly never caught my scent but he did catch the scent of your High Octane.

I was actually hunting for a nice eight pointer that I had seen several times before the rut. I entered the woods around 1500hrs and immediately put out two scent wicks with your High Octane and then I made a scrap with your Buck Urine w/ Tarsal Gland.

Within the hour the eight pointer came from my upwind side but never presented a good shot. I was thankful for seeing him and I watched him disappear on my downwind side without picking up my scent.

At 1700hrs I heard massive movement coming from my downwind side. Leading this movement was the eight pointer followed by a small button buck. I thought - there is no way that button is chasing that book eight pointer. Seconds after that thought, the 19-point freak was bringing up the rear and he was determined with his chase of the other two bucks. The moment he caught wind of your High Octane and Buck Urine – he put the brakes on and made an immediate turn towards my position. His focus was now on finding the doe and the new buck. He found my scrap and did his best to eliminate the scent with his own and then he moved to my downwind side High Octane scent wick. This move allowed me to take a 41-yard shot that proved to be true and straight. I harvested him 30 yards from point of impact.

Thank you for producing such superior products. Your High Octane is deadly and I am excited about using it next year.

Maj. J P Silverstein   US Army
19 Pt- Non Typical Whitetail, Kansas -- November 9, 2004
Taken with High Octane & Buck w/Tarsal Gland


I have been wanting to send you this photo for some time now. I am sorry that I didn't get it to you early. As you know I am now stationed at Fort Riley, KS and my first deer season here was spent teaching a Captain of mine how to bow hunt. The deer is this photo was shot at 8 yards from the ground by my Captain. It was his first buck and I told him that he owes me for it. The truth is - he owes thanks to you and your products. I did have the deer patterned for him but the area did not allow for a tree stand and 90% of the time the wind would blow across the deer's path. One night we took a chance and used your products heavily. As you can see from the photo this deer is a bruiser - he dressed over 240lbs. To give you a reference for his size - both my CPT and I weigh 230lbs. Scouting, patience and scent elimination were our keys to success.

Unfortunately I don't think I will be here for next season. The Army is sending me out again. I am sure that you can guess where. I look forward to continuing our hunting relationship when I return. Maybe I can get you to leave NY and come hunt KS with me.

MAJ Silverstein
US Army

3 goats


Thanks for the new clothes and body odor eliminator. As I told you in my last e-mail I have passed up several bucks this year - in hopes of getting that book muley. Well the booker has never showed until this saturday. It was my first time using your new spray. I went through the regiment that we discussed on the phone - scrubbed the body, washed the clothes, etc. Well saturday was my last chance for the season - so I decided to shoot the first thing I saw. However, my need for the big one burned hard and I let the little ones go - again. At 1403 hrs I heard movement and to my amazement there he was was coming from my downwind side (100 yards out). The booker was heading right towards one of my lanes that I had cut in the heavy brush. He was a huge 4 x 4 with at least a 30 inch inside spread. I was hunting on the ground and I knew he was going to bust my scent the way the wind was blowing. He just kept coming even though the wind was hitting him dead in the face. The big boy got ten feet from a easy 45 yard shot with and still didn't smell me. Here comes the sad part. As I drew my bow when his sight was covered (I thought) the sun hit my Cobra sight and made a bright reflection that froze the big boy. I don't think he felt danger - he just decided to turn around. Needless to say my heart was ready to explode as I saw my trophy walk away.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get that memory. I truly believe that the muley would never have come my way if I wasn't using your product.
CPT JP Silverstein
ps. I bought a new site for my bow.

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