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Mike Burns - Bucks-N-Does Field Tester

Hi Leon how are you doing.

How are you doing?  Here is a photo of the trophy wolf I harvested while using your product's, in the 2004 season. The wolf was really big. Its head should easily make the record book, I will let you know how big it is when I find out. I shot him at less than 30 yards, he didn't even know I was there. My partner also used your product when we hunted together, he shot a 6x6 bull elk. I will get him to send you a picture when he can.  Thanks again for a great product  that gives all us hunters the edge.

Thanks again for a great product that gives all us hunters the edge .
Mike Burns Northern British Columbia September 2004


Hi Leon

How are you doing I am doing great . I had a good day hunting . It was the first day of my black bear hunt in Northern British Columbia . I spent the morning seaching for sign both on foot and a.t.v ., I saw lots of piles and tracks . I had pretty much made up my mind where I was going to hunt the evening , but had one more spot to check out . As I was driving into an area I wanted to check , I turned the corner and saw a large black bear beside the road directly beside my truck . I knew if I stopped he would be gone , so I continued past him without slowing . He made a run for the bush as I passed , that was the last I thought I would see of him . He was a large bear and I wanted to get a better look . I drove another 300 yards past where I saw him run into the bush . I got out of the truck loaded up my rifle and slowly walked back to take a look . I was sure he would be gone but thought I might see him on the tree line . I didn't see him there , but when I looked up he was only 50 yards away in the same spot I saw him moments before . He had his head down eating grass , and didn't even know I was there . I decided he was the one I wanted so I took him with one clean shot . He dropped in his tracks and was dead when I got up to him . He was a mature male about 300 lbs with a large head and a beautiful hide . He was almost 6' long and had large paws and claws . The green skull was 18 5/8 . He was not the record book boar I was looking for , but still a great bear . I am getting a shoulder mount done , and will send you pictures when it is done . I feel wearing your H.S.E. products really helped me get so close to him without being detected . The products I used where out of your Bear Essentials kit , I used the laundry wash , shampoo and body wash , spay deorderant, and the spruce cover up . My goal is to harvest a Boone & Crockett black bear , with the help of your product I believe some day I will . I will be looking again this fall . One thing I noticed while I was gutting the bear is that there were mosqetos and black flies all around me yet none bit or even landed on me , then after I washed up in the creek I started to have them land on areas that I washed . Have you had anyone mention to you that your product my also serve as an insect repellent . I will be using it around the yard this week to see if it works . I will reply soon to let you know if it works , I think having no human scent and smelling like there enviroment might throw them off . Well I hope you like the pictures , I can send you the originals if you want them . Thanks for everything and please write when you get time .

Mike Burns
June 8, 2003

Hi Leon,Mike Burns  Whitetail
I returned from my deer trip today.  I really liked your products, even though the snow was very loud and crunchy I still saw many animals.  I know they could see me and hear me but with your H.S.E. products they seemed really confused and even curious to what I was.  Animals acted in ways I haven't seen before.  One was a mature mule deer buck that stayed bedded in the open well after detecting me, and didn't stand until I was under 80 yards away.  During this time there was a stiff breeze at my back, blowing towards the buck.  He seemed curious to what I was, but acted really calm.  I also walked slowly up to a cow moose with twin calves in the wide open, I got as close as 30 yards away before they slowly walked away.  The wind was swirling in all directions at this time.  I thought this was neat because normally cows with calves are spooky.  I also had a coyote walk within 20 feet away from where I was sitting, and once he saw me he turned around and slowly walked away acting unafraid which is really uncommon.  The last morning of the hunt I jumped three whitetails they flagged and ran about twenty yards and stopped, allowing me to take a 3x4 at about 80 yards.  This was good because usually once I see a whitetail flag that's the last I see of him.  He is not a big antlered deer, but I was pleased to get him on the last day of our hunt, and I believe your product made this possible.  I will send pictures soon.  I saw 9 mule deer bucks but none were the four points I was looking for, but most of those were calm and close enough for a shot had I decided to take them.  My partner who never used H.S.E. yet hunted the same area with the same method as myself saw only 3 bucks, and only one was close enough to shoot had he wanted to.  The products I used by directions were, the laundry soap, shampoo & body wash, deodorant, clothing spray, spruce cover, and the doe urine on my boots.  Using these products gave me great success on this hunt, and I can't thank you enough for making a product that will make me more successful at the sport I love.  My only regret I have about your H.S.E. products is that I didn't find out about them sooner.
Thanks again for a great product that really works,
Mike Burns
Mackenzie British Columbia 11/06/2000

Hi Leon
Thanks for the Essential Bear H.S.E. kit, although I didn't take a bear this spring I saw 11 Black Bears and 3 Grizzlies while using your product.  None of the bears I saw were the trophy size I was looking for, but most of them seemed confused about what I was would have offered an easy shot had I wanted one.  One place I saw a lot of sign so I sprayed the bear nip as well as the Mature Sow Rutting Urine in a clearing.  I sat about 40 minutes when a small bear appeared, and sniffed and lightly pawed the area where the scent was.  I really like the H.S.E. products that you provide, and hope to find that trophy black bear in the fall.
Thanks again,
Mike Burns Northern British Columbia  06/26/2001

Hi Leon Mike Burnes Moose
I just returned yesterday , after what was supposed to be a six day trip in Northern British Columbia for bear and moose . Thanks to your products it took me a day and a half to take two great animals . I used the clothing wash , shampoo / body wash , human scent eliminator spray and then after that I put on the spruce blend cover . The first day I walked about 6 miles stopping in a few places to call for moose , with no luck . It was about 9:00 in the morning I was looking over a large logging slash when I spotted a nice black bear about 150 yards away . A brisk wind was blowing at my back towards the bear . I thought he would wind me at any time , but he carried on eating not even knowing I was there . I walked about fifty yards closer , and he still didn't know I was there . So I took him with one well placed shot . He measured close to six feet , and has a great hide . I walked back to get my quad so I could haul him out . That took most of the day and was near dark when I returned to camp. The next day I had planned to check all the the spots I had called the day before . So I left the truck just before day break , and had only walked about half a mile when I heard a bull moose grunt in a distance . It was still a bit dark in the timber where I was so I hurried about 100 yards to a large clearing . I sat beside a root pile , and gave two long cow moose calls , and right away he answered with 6 loud grunts , and some thrashing of the brush . The calling and answering continued for twenty minutes with the bull coming closer all the time . Legal bull moose must be mature having no less than three brow tines on at least one antler . He appeared at the edge of the clearing about 400 yards away . I could see with binoculars that he had large antlers , but in the dim light I couldn't tell If he was mature . I called him to about 150 yards , I thought he was legal , but wanted a closer look so I gave one more call , he came in fast covering a 110 yards very quickly , at this point he tipped his head back to sniff the air , and I could clearly see he was legal . The wind was calm , and I thought he might wind me , but he seemed calm . So I took him quickly at 40 yards . He is a great bull , his antlers were over 45 inches wide , and were 9 points on one side and 11 on the other , the brow tines were 4 and 3 . So thanks again for a great product that really works .
Mike Burns B.C Canada 10/05/2001

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