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Tracy King - Field Tester

December 15, 2003

Dear Leon

I just wanted to let you know about the success I have had getting close to deer using your scent elimination products. About two weeks ago I was bow hunting in a treestand and had a spike come under my stand and stand there for about a minute before he wandered on off. Looked at me a couple of times and never even really gave me a second thought. He grazed around and simply wandered off unaware I was anywhere around.

This past week I have been muzzleloader hunting off the ground in a different county. Saturday I had a spike walk directly to me and come within 4 or 5 yards before he noticed me sitting between two fallen logs. He never could figure out what I was. He stomped a little and bobbed his head trying to get me to move. He finally bounded off about 20 yards and walked off. He never ran off or blew at me so I'm sure he never smelled me.

I was hunting at the same spot again Thursday morning and two spikes came up the trail toward me. One turned and walked within about 15 yards around the end of the log to my right and the other one went on past me and was going around the tree to my left. He got downwind and crossed my scent trail I had made and turned and came straight back toward me. He came around the end of the fallen log and walked straight toward me. He got within 1 or 2 yards and just walked down the side of the log toward where the other deer had gone. It's the first time I've actually been a little nervous about a deer getting so close. He saw me, but barely gave me a glance.

I'm amazed at the effectiveness of your scent control and elimination products. I'm using the body wash and shampoo, deodorant and body spray. If I feel like I've gotten some scent on my clothes I spray them down with the clothes spray.

Hopefully, before season is over, something besides a spike will get close!

I still have plenty of most of the products you sent except for the Big Game Scrape Combo. The rut really is just getting started here in North Mississippi. In one county we hunt, the peak rut isn't until January. Makes for a long wait!

Hope you are having a good season!

Tracy King

October 31, 2003

Leon, I wanted to let you know that the Whitetail Essentials Kit helped me take my first buck with my compound bow. I used the clothes wash and body wash as well as the deoderant and clothes spray before my hunt. When I got to my stand I hung out a scent canister with a touch of the Autumn Buck; Buck Urine with Tarsal Scent in it and I also made a mock scrape and sprinkled a few drops of the buck urine in the scrape. I had been on the stand for a couple of hours and it was just starting to get dark. As I reached to get my radio and call my husband to tell him I thought I was going to get down, I heard this deer behind me. He was coming straight toward my mock scrape and was downwind of me. He stopped within 15 yards of my stand behind some bushes and stood there with his head down for a minute or two. He never knew I was anywhere around. He finally stepped out broadside, still headed toward the mock scrape, sniffing leaves and along the ground. He turned and looked up at me just as I was about to draw and then put his head back down. I drew my bow and took the shot. The arrow passed straight through and he only ran about 100 yards.

I look forward to more successful hunts with my BucksnDoes Whitetail Essentials!

Tracy King

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