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I took this deer on 1/4/03. I used your Scent Elimination Products & Spring & Autumn Blend Cedar cover scent religiously. Your records will show that I have ordered your products over the past couple of years. Thanks for a great cover scent that is most effective in the area that I hunt.

James (Buddy) Holt, Scottsboro, Alabama

Whitetail Deer:Dave Sullivan (outdoor Writer)

The most popular and widely distributed big game animal in the United States.  The whitetail populates almost every area in the country.

Whitetail's are the smallest of the three major deer species, (the mule deer and blacktail are the other two).

There is an extreme variation in size among adult whitetail deer.  Bucks in northeastern states often reach 300 pounds: while the coues deer of Arizona seldom reach 40 pounds.

The whitetail has the greatest potential of rapid reproduction of any big game species.  Does can begin breeding at age one and a half and produce twins, triplets and even quadruplets by their second reproductive cycle.

The whitetail is largely nocturnal and this fact gives the cue to the best hunting hours , early morning and late evening.

The whitetail deer's hearing, sense of smell, site and short burst of speed are 300 times more keener and acute than mans.  In short the whitetail can out smell, out hear, out see and out run the hunter.

The two most common methods of hunting whitetail are still hunting and stalking.  The still hunter sets up a tree stand or ground blind in or around feeding, bedding areas, remains motionless and waits for the game to come into sight.  Stalking perhaps the most thrilling from of hunting allows the hunter to outwit game by stealth and superior strategy.


Cartridges for Deer:

Any cartridge with 1,000 foot pounds of energy on impact will cleanly take whitetail, close range Timber 30-30 win,  444Marlin, 45-70, 44Mag, open planes medium range 270, 308, 30.06, long range 7mm Mag, 30-06, 300 Win Mag.


Bow Equipment:

Any bow, arrow, broadhead combination 45 to 60 pounds.  An arrow/broadhead kills by hemorrhage not by shock and tissue destruction as does a bullet.  For this reason, the arrow must pass into a vital area or the deer is apt to escape wounded.


Products for Whitetail Deer Hunters:

  • Whitetail Essentials
  • Whitetail Food Blend
  • Autumn Estrus -- Dominant Doe Rutting Urine
  • Autumn Buck -- Buck Urine with Tarsal Gland
  • Autumn Doe -- Doe Urine
  • Autumn Buck --Buck Urine
  • Autumn Scrape Combo Pack

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